GREATEST HITS: #SearchTermOfTheDay (Totally NSFW)

The awesome people that follow me on twitter will be familiar with #searchtermoftheday – a regular feature of the best searches that real people type in to real search engines, which (somehow) directs them to this site.

Unfortunately, Google have started encrypting their searches, meaning that the majority of search engine referrals are no longer known – so enjoy these while you can. Here are some of the greatest hits from the past few years. It should be obvious they they’re 100% genuine / real, because nobody could think them up…

Amusing / phrasing

  • devout ass
  • boobs all size abcdefgh
  • courtroom puns
  • stupid catface photos
  • movie with alot of action and tits
  • hats with special powers
  • james bond licensed chest wigs
  • unimaginable lust
  • Mark ROFLoMark ROFLO
  • jackie chan asian?
  • skid marks + mtv room raiders
  • monkey is a good pet?
  • blowjobs please
  • the fighter ugliest cast ever
  • give me a parafraph about jesus was a commie
  • pancakes are fucking gay
  • massive fannies
  • midget mechanics
  • someone please explain tree of life
  • chick fights boobs everywhere
  • boys bumming each other

Stupid Questions:

Weirdly specific

  • cartoon images of men who is going through menopause
  • japanese naked women on salarymen’s desks
  • first experience of going to the cinema adult style
  • big bouncy tits shot full of bullets by zombies
  • old tv show where a man has two personalities in one hes an assigned killer in the other hes a loving husband
  • big fake titties, guns & manly shit that’s gonna piss your girlfriend off
  • “unique is young, full of energy and a bottom girl that loves big dicks on her men and the darker the better!”
  • write a short paragraph about your experience with your friend to go camping
  • adult foreign film from 1980s where fox hunters on horse back hunted nude women
  • the pornsite jay was using in the inbetweeners movie
  • My parents went to Miami and all I got was molested by my neighbor
  • cannibal story of young girls being fucked milked then gets crushed up

Saught-after celebrity body parts (these are around 40% of incoming hits):

Fetish / Sexy-to-someone / Fapping

  • womenpigsex
  • horse penis
  • dogporn film
  • upskirts vintage martial arts girls
  • sumo sex
  • huge monster dildo shop
  • unthinkable penisNude Nuns Big Guns based on a true story
  • xxx rat torture
  • vibrator fight
  • pointy tits
  • penis biting gore movies
  • bikini clad bitches playing chess
  • women pig sexual
  • mega fuck slut masturbator
  • lara croft bound and gagged
  • classic porn movie with rose in pussy
  • batman and catwoman get busy
  • bondage chess
  • kate beckinsale tied up
  • bizarre bestiality productions
  • why wank with ham?
  • jock strap stories
  • needles in tits movies
  • “assassin” “porn” “silencer”
  • tall moustached transvestites
  • cool big semi trucks and hot chicks
  • bouncing round breasts in horror thriller film
  • babes on horseback
  • pterodectyl porn
  • guys with huge nipples
  • smurf sex


What are your best search terms? And why are some people still allowed online?!?!

  1. How do I seem them, I want to know what people have searched for on my site!!


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      If your site is hosted through WordPress when you log in you should see a “Site Stats” link on the left-hand toolbar. Find the ‘Searche Engine Terms’ box, click Summaries and enjoy!


      • Thank you! Unfortunately, having checked, I had no interesting or funny search terms at all!


        • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

          I think a lot of them are driven by my Post Tags, which range from sublime to offensive & ridiculous.

          Also, takes a long time for them to start coming in, and as mentioned in the post, a lot of them are now encrypted by Google :(


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Not quite sure why 1/2 of them end up hitting the site, although not complaining.

      Would love to see the disappointment on some of the faces when putting in such a ridiculous term and ending up on a film review site…


        • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

          I try not to do too many dodgy tags and posts but I’m hoping that (Inception Style) this post will now bring in even more – having so many grotesque terms on one page.


  2. My wife and I laughed so hard at this post. Thanks!


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      You must have some crackers given the content of some posts? Definitely worth keeping tabs on them just in case.


  3. Shaft said:

    Haha, people sure do love their Pierce!

    And strangely enough, “Nude Nuns With Big Guns” is one of the most common searches that brings people to my site. That, and women’s breasts… and there I was thinking that people actually read us for our reviews :D


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      That’s my favourite section of your site too! Would love to see the kind of single hits you guys’ get – must be an equally awesome, if not greater list of iniquity.


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