Inescapable: an ex-military intelligence officer loses his daughter while she’s travelling Europe, so he jets over and tries to hunt her down. That plot sounds familiar… This is essentially a more bureaucratic version of Taken/Taken 2/Frantic – with fewer thrills, and more focus on the ‘Eastern mystery’ angle. What’s quite good is that almost everyone the father meets is quite shifty, so you never really know what direction the plot is going to turn. Set in Syria (Damascus), it’s not particularly sympathetic to the country, nor are the American actor’s accents. 24 bad guy / all-round TV actor Siddig feels like he’s channeling the spirit of Bryan Mills a little too hard with the hushed, gristly hero yank voice. Inescapable is solid, but unremarkable; interesting, but not smart enough; not fantastic, but not awful… a totally middle-of-the-road movie.

Score: 4.5/10

  1. theartisticpackrat said:

    I am a fan of Siddig (mainly) from his work on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and (to a MUCH lesser degree) his role in The Nativity. Heard of this film quitrle a while back and want to see it just because he’s in it. It doesn’t surprise me, though, that it’s probably not all that good.


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Wouldn’t say it was terrible or to totally avoid, but it could have been done better.


  2. And I thought Dr. Bashir would have been great at killing people.


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