Volver: borderline surreal movie that tells the story of a Spanish family going through some rough times. It would be impossible to watch this film and not notice that it’s pretty much a showcase of Penelope Cruz (and her magnificent chest). Despite this her performance is stellar as she leads the cast cast, once again proving that Spanish-language films truly bring out the best in her. The film’s shot brilliantly, and the vibrant colours and great cinematography really bring another dimension – the Blu Ray would be great. There’s a lot of over-acting, almost to soap opera level, and as the story progresses it gets less believable to the point where the drama isn’t effective. Some great dialogue and black comedy moments throughout too. All-in, it’s very Spanish and unmistakably Almaldovar, which is by no means a bad thing; although it’s not quite his best. Definitely worth watching.

Score: 7/10

  1. Aiden R said:

    I thought this was a fantastic movie, and the only Almodovar movie I actually liked after seeing All About My Mother and Talk to Her – wasn’t a big fan. Good review, good movie. Right on.


  2. “Broken Embraces” was the movie to showcase her treasure chest. She went all Kate Winslet on us, if you know what I’m saying…


  3. Will need to get round to catching Broken Embraces. I remember when she got the twins out in Jamon Jamon, that was the day I became a man!! :-p


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