Blindness: Julianne Moore plays the only sighted person in a compound for the quarantined during an epidemic of infectious blindness. Best part: lots of out of focus shots, conga lines, people walking in to things / falling over and random nudeness. Worst part: Children Of Men esque level of prophetic future gloom. As the quarantined spend longer in their prison human nature drives events to desperation, then worse, and worse… and worse. Depending on your disposition the film will become overbearing or hyper-dramatic – I landed in the latter camp, and despite the bleakness, couldn’t believe how much the last hour reeled me in. The camera’s used interestingly throughout, to convey certain people’s point-of-view, which enables you to feel right in the action. The underrated Mark Rofallo is ace, and Bernal plays a great villain and Moore pretty much mopes for the duration, but pulls it off quite well. The tone ends up somewhere between an inspiration and a critique of human nature. Blindness is an awesome idea, pulled off reasonably well. Check it out if you like your drama extra strong.

Score: 7/10

  1. Read the book a year or so ago, didn’t like it whatsoever despite it winning the Pulitzer. Wasn’t too interested in the movie as a result, but it is an awesome idea like you said and the director’s no joke, so who knows, one of these days I might just have to check it out.


  2. blake said:

    I really wanted to like this film as much as you did. It had a great director, better source material and a cast that could have done magic. But I felt it totally fell apart and, despite the brilliant cinematography, and great score, it just couldn’t come together. The book was far superior. But it’s hard to make a film based on the writings of a Nobel laureate.


  3. The book was good, but not exactly engrossing retold on screen. So…


  4. Moore and Ruffalo are both in this? damn, i think i need to see it


  5. Aiden – would definitely give this a bash. If you can handle intense drama the last 1/2 is totally worth it.

    Blake / Simon – can see where you’re coming from, the first 50 minutes or so was pretty root. Any director would struggle to turn world-class reading into a decent film (lets face it, most struggle with mundane adaptations!)

    Ross – again, definitely worth giving this a whirl. The last hour will rip your balls off and stuff them down your throat.


  6. mcarteratthemovies said:

    I do like my drama extra strong, no dilution. I also take Mark Ruffalo the same way, so this will have to go in my Netflix queue.


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