The Matador

Matador: a struggling salesman and troubled hitman meet in a bar… no it’s not a joke! First thing’s first, Brosnan absolutely owns this film as an alcoholic, borderline psychopathic, burn-out, jaded, lonely, vulgar assassin with homosexual undertones, including a wicked tache and fashion sense. He is nothing short of pure entertainment, with great comedy timing and black comedy vibe, effortlessly creating an unforgettable character. Greg Kinnear’s also rock solid, and plays the straight-laced guy perfectly – because there’s only two mains they’re both fleshed out well. There’s a great off-kilter tone throughout and it harks back to the classic screwballs – which keeps the film interesting. Visually, it’s delightful with lots of bright colours, tourist-friendly cinematography and some unique direction. There’s a few great songs masterfully inserted too. Of all the decent things that Broz has ever done, this is the one film that put him up for a Golden Globe – make sure you see why! Bottom line, it’s a well-made, very funny, black screwball comedy with two great characters at the centre.

Score: 8.5/10

  1. StuOhQ said:

    I loved this movie! Brosnan keeps his cool (while washing up) and proves he’s more than James Bond. Hits like “Thomas Crowne Affair” really weren’t enough of a stretch and in taking a chance here he shows off some real talent – not to mention “The Matador” is funny as hell.

    “Seraphim Falls” isn’t quite so easy to love but it also shows off some different angles of of underrated actor.


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Seraphim Falls has been bouncing around my LoveFIlm list for a while, will bump it up a bit. I think Broz was the best Bond, and to see him do this soon after just shows how great an actor he actually it – comedy timing is superb.


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