The Inbetweeners Movie

The Inbetweeners Movie: Jay, Simon, Will and Neil celebrate the end of school in classic British style; by having a lads holiday in Crete (for some reason filmed in Magaluf?!). From the non-introductions right down to the TV aspect ratio and budget constraints – it’s not even remotely ‘cinematic’, feeling more like an extended / special episode. On the flipside, fans of the series will love it because it’s a good continuation – and hopefully wrap up – of the storyline; has most of the good characters doing their bit at some point; it’s loaded with laughs in the same vein as the show, (obvious but effective dirty jokes) and for all the ups and downs in the storyline, it’s enjoyable and uplifting to watch. Because it’s been on TV for 3 years now it’s also easy to overlook how well-observed, believable and funny the central characters are. While it’s essentially Kevin and Perry Go Large for the next generation, and despite having a generically predictable story, The Inbetweeners Movie perfectly captures teenage angst and everything else that makes the TV series so successful. It would be a great high note to end the franchise with, and the fact that it will probably finish 4th in the 2011 UK Box Office (beating off every other film in 2011 except HP7B, King’s Speech and Twilight) should give you an idea of how it went down with the British public.

Score: 7.5/10

  1. Nostra said:

    I never heard of the Inbetweeners, would this be interesting to watch if you don’t know the TV series?


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      If you’re a male, that was once an awkward teenager with idiotic friends… this film is for you. No TV history required.


      • Nostra said:

        Even if you didn’t grow up in the UK?


        • Even if you didn’t grow up in the UK. Perhaps a few phrases you’d miss, but nothing major. Feel free to point any queries in this direction.


  2. thelukok said:

    I have been really looking forward to this one, I loved the series.
    So I’m glad to hear it’s as good as I expected.


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