Searching for Bobby Fischer (Guest Post)

PFR is marking the 500th post by putting up a bunch of DVD extras this week. This guest paragraph review is from Fogs at Fogs Movie Reviews; an awesome review site that generates a LOT of discussion about films.

Searching for Bobby Fischer: Directed by noted screenwriter Steve Zaillian (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Moneyball, Schindler’s List), “Searching for Bobby Fischer” is an intimate look at the challenge of growing up “gifted”. It’s the story of young Joshua Waitzkin (Max Pomeranc), and what happens when it’s discovered that he’s a chess prodigy. Joe Montegna and Joan Allen play young Josh’s parents, and the two do a great job of showing the pride, anxieties, and inner conflicts involved in raising a brilliant child. How far do you push him? How much time do you have him dedicate to his gift vs a “normal” childhood? As they begin to train Josh and enter him in competitive events, he meets two very different mentors. One is a “speed chess” hustler in Washington Square Park (Lawrence Fishburne), and the other is a very exclusive, private, traditional tutor (Ben Kingsley). The two clash over the boy’s training, as you might imagine, but the true conflict of the film revolves around just how hard a child should be pushed to grow up, to compete, and to hone a killer instinct that might jeopardize the innocence of youth. With such a great cast (it also features small roles by William H. Macy, Dan Hedaya, and Laura Linney), and such a compelling story, “Searching for Bobby Fischer” winds up being a very moving, heartfelt film. It’s sitting at 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, Roger Ebert gives it four stars, and I myself recommend it very highly.


Score 8/10

  1. investmentsmaster said:

    I thought this movie was a fantastic one. It portrayed someone as a boy who started to play chess. Playing with his dad to lessons to tourneys. A lot of people mimic that today. It reminded me of me.


      • Ohhhh man! Mark is honing in on this thread to hustle chess!! :D

        (I’m just a guest blogger here, but I’m amused!!)


  2. Paragraph Film Reviews said:

    Cheers for the review Fogs, can’t believe I’d never heard of this, although in the UK it was released under the title INNOCENT MOVES (WTF) so I probably just assummed it was a soft-porno a la Red Shoe Diaries!

    Will defiintely check this out. Love a bit of Linney the MILF!


    • Yeah she is. And you’re welcome!

      But yeah “Innocent Moves” might be the worst movie title I’ve ever heard. Sounds like a teen sex comedy or something…


  3. Connie said:

    Haven’t seen “Searchingt For….” yet, but your great review makes me want to see it soon. Good work, Dan !!


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