2010 Review

Far from a comprehensive list of last year, below are the Films I watched that are worth another mention.

The Best

Inception – Original, smart Sci-Fi Blockbuster… bliss.
Jackass 3D – The most I’ve ever laughed and gagged in the cinema
The Good, The Bad, The Weird – Fantastic modern western fun
MicMacs – Brilliant French vision
MacGruber – Slated by critics but was so, so funny
Toy Story 3 – Perfect ending to the best trilogy in cinema
Up In The Air – Clooney and Farmiga in a modern romance
Dragon Tattoo – Stunning whodunnit from Sweden
The Killer Inside Me – Shockingly realistic portrait of a serial killer
Spartacus (TV) – Fighting, sex and swearing; great trash telly
Luther (TV) – Brilliant UK detective show, a la HBO


We are what we are – a boring horror film about cannibals!
Somewhere – utterly ridiculous non-film
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – But I almost did…
Warrior’s Way – Ninjas & Cowboys done so wrongly
Hornet’s Nest – Not a terrible film, but nothing on the first
Skyline – Derivative alien bore
Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus – so bad it’s bad!

Best of the rest:

Conversations with Other women – Split screen for the duration, and works well.
Hot Rod – Spot on comedy timing
Inglourious – Tarantino’s most mature work
Survive Style 5+ – Eye candy from Japan.
Drag Me To Hell – Throwback horror

  1. Nice to see “The Killer Inside Me” under The Best.

    I’m still angry at myself for paying $11 to see “Skyline.”


  2. Darren said:

    Speaking of Skyline, does anyone expect good things for Battle: Los Angeles?


    • Battle: LA… doesn’t really have to deliver much to beat Skyline, but looks a lot more epic than 5 douchebags stuck in a building.


  3. mcarteratthemovies said:

    Putting “Jackass 3D” in the best of 2010 list — you’ve got gumption, sir. I’ll give you that.

    “Inception” will be high on my list, I suspect. Did you get the chance to see “Black Swan”? It’s been hyped near to death, but it’s worth ignoring all that press to see it for yourself. You’ve never seen ballet look like this, I guaratee it.

    Other tops of 2010 for me were “True Grit,” “Toy Story 3” (as you said, perfect finale for the trilogy), “The Kids Are All Right,” “Winter’s Bone” and a few others.


    • Honestly, people can say what they want but for sheer entertainment you couldn’t beat Jackass this year. Sure it had a few bum (!!) scenes but this had more laughs than, dare I say (dare, dare) films like Blazing Saddles. Definitely worth checking out.

      Black Swan still isn’t out in the UK, neither is true grit! We’re way behind the curve… and only ever catch up in January as the Oscars approach.


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