Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3: (3D) Follows the usual suspects on another adventure as their beloved owner Andy grows up and heads for college. Because main cast were developed so well in the first two films TS3 is more about the storyline, which isn’t anything new as we’ve seen the whole “adventures in the big wide world” (done better) twice before. It’s also unexpectedly far, far darker than the first two, with 100% more doom & death scenes – and characters, like the unsettling Big Baby. Although dark themes are brought up the universal ones like rejection, growing up, friendship, loss, old vs new etc are all still present and keep the film’s appeal very broad. Where TS3 stands out is that it really tugs on the ol’ heartstrings; I cried happy tears at Buzz’s change and Mr Tortilla head, yet was close to sad tears several times. Newman’s score is terribly safe, but the way it manipulates your feelings is nothing short of amazing. Although it’s easy to take for granted in Pixar films you can’t overlook the broad array of such well-drawn characters (in both sense) backed with superb voice-acting performances – Mr Pricklepants, voiced by Timothy Dalton, was the standout for me – but everyone is great. The 3D element was outstanding – unlike most films that have a flat background and several objects ‘popping out’ TS3-3D shows full-natural depth to give the impression that you are really watching the action.  When Toy Story debuted (in 1995!) as the first full-length CGI movie nobody could have predicted that it would have such an enormous influence on cinema & animation, and kick off one of the best trilogies ever – say what you want, but the Toy Story series stands up to everything else out there. It’s a great way to cap off the tale of a bunch of random plastic toys that have captured the imaginations of children and adults alike.

Score: 8/10

Note: The token Pixar short ‘Day & Night’ was rubbish!

  1. Castor said:

    Another very good outing by Pixar indeed. Just first-rate on all technical aspects and it really is a delight emotionally as well.


  2. Darren said:

    Great film. Loved it. I actually didn’t see a problem with the “in the world” plot, as that’s what’s defined the series. Nice to know I’m not the only one who cried. I mean… almost cried.


  3. The only thing I can say about this film that I haven’t said all ready is that I was shocked there was no original song because they are so prominent in the first 2.


  4. yeah, it was good fun. not sure it was as good as first two though, think the humour was a little more kiddie-orientated. having said that i laughed my balls off at the tortilla bit, mainly cos some guy at the back of the cinema kept setting me off by laughing too. it was like a laughing game of tennis.
    youre right though, it was quite dark
    i wish the movie had have spent more time with Mr Pricklepants and that gang, they were funny


  5. Heather said:

    I actually enjoyed Day and Night. It was one of my favorite Pixar shorts!

    Agree in general about the movie, it was a wonderful conclusion to the trilogy, not perfect, but will more than likely easily fit into my top five movies of the year if things continue at this pace.


  6. yeah, youre right, the Day and Night thing was pretty shit, wasnt it?
    compared to Boundin’ and the like that came before it


  7. “Newman’s score is terribly safe, but the way it manipulates your feelings is nothing short of amazing.”

    Haha. I completely agree although I only noticed it the second time I saw the movie. Since I knew when the sad parts were coming, I thought I wouldn’t be moved to tears if I don’t pay much attention to the dialogue and the images that lead up to the “sad parts.” But I still teared up because I paid so much attention to the music! (It was a trap!)


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