Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds: (Blu Ray) Not really much of a re-make after all. Straight off the bat the first 20 minutes are among the immense, intense and electric in memory. As the film continues there’s just so many great sections: Jews in hiding, the Jew Bear’s entrance, strudel meal, entire bar scene, cinema premier (Inc. Italian Accents). Cast-wise: Pitt looks ridiculous and uncomfortable, but is still very, very funny again; Stiglitz is great to watch, especially in the bar scene; Fassbender totally outdoes Mike Meyers, who plays a terrible British stereotype, and as for Cristoph Waltz, what can I say that has not already been said… It’s a bingo! He turns an already fantastic script in to comedy and tension of the highest level without even trying – 100% charisma!! The dialogue’s much more focused and natural than any of the previous Tarantino outings. I also applaud the use of foreign actors and dialogue, which most war films don’t usually have, Tarantino has masterfully cast some of the best European talent in a lot of the key roles – and although there are a lot of characters and story threads coming together it’s all managed quite well, with only a couple of minor lapses. The alternative history setting (& ending) is always a strange pill to swallow, but if you roll with it the film still works. The music chosen isn’t his finest to date. The Blu Ray Sound and picture are both fantastic, definitely reference material. While Tarantino may not be every critic’s cup of tea he keeps giving the public exactly what they want. Ballsy & enjoyable WWII action-romp.

Score: 8.5/10

  1. Darren said:

    I love this movie. movie of the year last year, in my opinion, but pretty take-it or leave-it. Remarkably, my entire family enjoyed it, despite the fact we can’t even agree on generic “everyone enjoys it” films.

    And the ending, in my opinion, was great because the “alternate” history is really just a window to explore the power of cinema to change and rewrite history (for better or worse). It’s an opera to cinema and its power (from a man who has been writing love songs for years). God, I love that film.


  2. Castor said:

    Best movie of 2009 by far and one of those creations that only Tarantino can put together. I can’t believe this movie got snubbed so badly at the Oscars, Melanie Laurent deserved a nomination and the movie should have won Best Original Script at the very least…


  3. A true sign that this film was good was that I watched it, my wife came home and I watched it again! I never do that!


  4. Darren: I guess it’s good seeing an alternative ending to Downfall, however, seeing him turn into Swiss cheese via machine gun does cross my ‘believable’ line! :p

    Castor: Yea, I would also have put Waltz down as Best Actor, not supporting. This film had too many great characters to class any of them as ‘The Main’.

    Simon: Got to love how you just get to the point!

    Kai: Same here, watched it twice within a few months and the only recent films I’ve done that with have been The Fall and Hot Rod.


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