Drag Me to Hell

Drag Me To Hell: An everywoman accidentally insults a gypsy – cue an ancient curse and impending doom for our gal. The five minute prologue is totally old school; OTT music, effects and a huge-ass demon. Fortunately, the entire film stays in this vein, and what I liked best was that while there is the odd big jump the rest of the frights come from good old-fashioned sources; wind, leaves, squeaks and creaks – no wet long-haired lizard women rattling down staircases or other such gimmicks. While it’s Genuinely terrifying this also has some subtly funny motifs like the face-fucking/hair-grabbing corpse, funeral, Goat, Dancing Ghost and even the ridiculous gross outs. There’s the best use of a stapler & ruler I’ve ever seen and a pretty sweet, but obvious, ending. Raimi’s direction is great, really proving he’s a pro by milking every drop of suspense and terror, yet making it fun and watchable – all while he’s pretty much parodying an entire genre. Drag Me to Hell effortlessly walks the line between comedy-stire and terror and I’ve not enjoyed a horror film this much in years. Classic Raimi. Classic horror. Instant Classic, just add blood.

Score: 8/10

  1. Darren said:

    I’m going to confess. I was not bowled over by the film. It was fun, it was light and it was great to see Sam Raimi doing what he loves. Still, I just couldn’t really buy into it.


  2. Castor said:

    I agree with Darren. It was fun, light and O-T-T but somehow forgettable. Good review!


  3. mcarteratthemovies said:

    You had me rolling with that crack about the stapler and ruler! Only Sam Raimi could think up something like that. Although “Drag Me to Hell” isn’t up to the high standards of the “Evil Dead” films, it manages to be everything I wanted/expected: funny, gross, dramatic, a wee bit scary (tense might be a better word). I think Alison Lohman was a good fit for the part because it demanded an actress who wasn’t too famous. She’s not a terribly expressive actress (more subtle than anything else), and that worked.


  4. This is exactly how I felt. Way to sum up this awesome movie in a paragraph.

    P.S. – I can’t believe i haven’t been here in so long – nice theme update!


  5. Dan said:

    I was surprised just how much I enjoyed this film. Raimi returns to form!

    Loved all the gory yet funny sequences – most memorable for me was the corpse pinning Lohman to the ground and vomiting embalming fluid all over her.


  6. “…no wet long-haired lizard women rattling down staircases…” LOL

    I loved the movie but I wish Justin Long wasn’t in it. I like him and everything but he was so distracting. He should’ve done another sequel for “Jeepers Creepers” instead.


  7. Franz: I know what you mean, his face was far too neat, rubbery and ‘hollywood’ compared to Lohman.

    Darren & Castor: Booooooooo! :p


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