The Good, The Bad, The Weird

The Good, The Bad, The Weird: Set in the 1930s, a bounty hunter, most-wanted criminal and petty thief are all after the same ancient treasure map. This flick has it all: style, action, plot, rivalry, twists, adventure, suspense, guns, huge sets, humour and explosions. Most of all, it’s actually great fun to watch, with the exception of a few short ‘meh’ sections and one psychedelic scene – the rest is all killer. The whole story, but most notably the final  scenes are brilliantly executed classic Western. The Bad and Weird characters are great to watch, and the director‘s on good form. Definitely a bit more of a bloodbath than you’d expect from an upbeat film like this with scarlet, limbs and fingers flying all over the place. The audio track really comes alive during the action scenes and there’s a nice nod to Tarrantino with an epic song choice for the huge chase scene. There’s also a nice bit of Korean history thrown in the mix. Overall, it’s an amazing film from a director with a great track record, and another brilliant example of why Korea is one of the best countries as far as movie exports go.

Score 8.5/10

  1. Aiden R said:

    Awesome! This just started playing in NY and I’m hearing great things. Solid review, gotta see this now.


    • I noticed it was only just screening in the ‘states in one of Castor’s news round-ups, weird because it’s been out for so long in Europe (around 18 months) that I picked this DVD up on the cheap a while back. Would love to have seen it on the big screen though. Looking forward to the CTCMR take on it!


  2. I am on such a South Korean cinema bender right now, you don’t even know. Thank you for sharing some wisdom on a movie I won’t be able to see for a year.


  3. Somebody just picked this for my next FILMS YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED TO SEE blog on May 1rst… looks awesome!


  4. Darren said:

    I loved it too (I’m the guy Kai mentioned). It’s just great fun and – I think – captures Leone’s spirit near perfectly. And I adore the ending, without spoiling anything.


  5. Ronan said:

    Sounds like a must-see movie, trailer looks good too. Hope they will release it in the UK.


  6. So awesome that you enjoyed this film. I do not know many people outside my circle of friends that have seen it, but so glad we share an affinity for this film.


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