Luther: Every few years the BBC green lights a show which reaffirms my believe that at least a tiny fraction of my extortive TV licence is being spent wisely. This 6-episode series follows re-instated maverick cop John Luther as he works through several high-profile cases. The show doesn’t bring anything new to the ‘cop/crime drama’ genre, but raises the bar tremendously with its fantastic – and unusually professional – style & feel. The score’s also very complementary, and does a great job of heightening drama and suspense. Every main turns in a decent performance, particularly Idris Elba, who has no easy task playing the on-edge Holmesian officer; if The Wire hadn’t put him on the map, this will. Rising star Ruth Wilson gives a great portrayal of a quirky sociopathic genius. The other villains are just as chilling, and generally realistic: from the gunman and taxi driver to the more outlandish Satanist. The best aspect of Luther is that its genuinely gripping, especially the finale, which is tension on a scale that you rarely see; heart pounding and seat grabbing. My only real complaint was that it was far too short although the cliffhanger ending leaves a second series wide open. Luther is a great fusion of police action and personal drama. Thoroughly compelling and enjoyable TV, a must see.

Score: 8/10

  1. Darren said:

    Yep, this is one of the reasons that, despite living in Ireland, I wish I could pay a British license fee. The last twenty-seconds-or-so were a bit kinda “wha’?”, but the rest was solid. Good old Idris Elba, one of the best actors who hasn’t quite made it yet.

    And Paul McGann, your crime against Doctor Who is forgiven.


    • Darren said:

      I’ve flagged you for a blogging meme, if you’re interested?


  2. Erin said:

    I hadn’t watched this because I had heard it was really misogynistic in a women-in-refrigerators kind of way. I may now give it a go as it sounds like it’s got more to it than that.


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