Butterfly on a wheel

Butterfly on a Wheel (AKA Shattered. AKA Desperate Hours): A perfect couple with the perfect life have their world turned upside down when a madman jacks their car and forces them to obey him for 24 hours. The three main actors are all OK – but have major accent issues, Broz (doing an Irish terrorist a la ‘Blown Away’) and Butler (doing a… I’ve no idea what he was trying). The main issue is, with such a big ‘taaa daaaa’ at the end, it leaves the majority of the film with too much ambiguity and not enough plot / direction – hardly anything makes sense and every time the story advances you’re sitting there thinking ‘WTF did I just see?!!?’ In the words of comic book guy… Worst. Ending. Ever. Particularly it’s retrospective ridiculousness. The only real plus I can think of is that it’s very well shot – framing and camera movement are far more impressive than any of the story. All in, this is a stupid film which hopes that by putting all its cards on the table in the last 5 minutes, that it will save the day. A very low rent Man on Fire, Taken, Ransom scenario – and the fact that a film with big stars needs three titles is very telling.

Score: 2/10

  1. Marc said:

    This was a let down considering the talent involved…but the twist was nearly entertaining. Saw it a while back so the bad accents may have been purged from my brain:P


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      The final, final, twist just killed it for me… “really? Really? REALLY?!?!!?” was my reaction. It’s worth checking out the trailer for further evidence of accent abuse!


  2. Shaft said:

    Saw this in cinemas also, years ago. I remember it being quite entertaining, if a little unorthodox – a thriller where no gun is fired, and no real action scenes take place. Can’t remember the accents at all…


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      The accents were pretty close to home. Butler being Scottish and Broz being Irish… speaking normally would have probably been better for their characters,

      Don’t ususally mind a bit of disbelief / twisty turny plot but this asked a bit too much of the viewer by the closing scene.


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