Gamer: (Blu Ray) it is the future (!) and computer games have reached the next level with humans controlling prisoners in a live PPV bloodsport called Slayers. The film opens with such a WTF battle – guns, explosions, slow mo, blood and teabagging. More generally the action’s scenes feel totally anarchic – good for conveying confusion, bad for having any idea of what’s going on. It takes sci-fi to the next level of ridiculousness with 1980s pseudo science; Butler being mind-controled in a game by some Justin Bieber lookalike through a fake brains… So many parts of the film reek of “This scene / character would be totally LOL” – let’s have the fattest, ugliest, stereotype computer geek – LOL; let’s have butler get drunk, then piss and puke – LOL; let’s get a rapper in it, LOL; Dexter as a baddie would be so LOL…  by the end it’s trying way too hard, especially that ridiculous dance number. The story’s a carbon copy of films like Running Man / Condemned / Death Race – and it has a vibe somewhere between cyberpunk and goth S&M freaks The BD picture’s very good throughout (camerawork and cinematography are great) but the soundtrack is on a whole other level – much like War this works the entire system… would be a great demo, if your shop was for over 18s. All-in, Gamer’s a pretty broad genre-spanning punky type film that doesn’t taking itself too seriously. There’s a good punt at a story, and enough action to keep everyone interested. I got the feeling that Gamer was just a really fun project for the people involved to be working on. Made by video gamers for gamers, while stereotyping their culture and the media… bizarre.

Score: 6/10

  1. Castor said:

    I thought this was terrible. For an action movie, the action sequence were so ordinary and the plot was absolutely ridiculous. The worst was by far the epileptic editing. Tastefulness movie in my view.


    • Novroz said:

      That bad huh? when I saw the trailler, I want to watch it but never actually gone to the theater, I want to watch it in dvd


  2. I saw it for Michael C. Hall *bows to Dexter* but it was so uninvolving. And Logan Lerman can get better roles than this.


  3. Darren said:

    I think I’m growing to hate Gerard Butler. Which is odd, because he seems like such an inoffensive guy, but he makes terrible films.


  4. Don’t know how high you guys’ expectation barrier was but this looked like ‘Not another Gerrard Butler flick’ to me. In saying that the Blu Ray presentation also helped this a lot.


  5. Heather said:

    I liked Michael C. Hall in it, the visuals were compelling momentarily, and everything else was absolute shit. It was a good concept executed poorly.


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