Wrecked: A man wakens up in a mangled car at the bottom of a cliff, with no memory of what happened and a shattered leg, he has to survive and figure it out. Sounds interesting, but it boils down to Adrien Brody being stuck in a car for 30 minutes then crawling around in the woods for a further 50 minutes. It’s a poorly told story, with nothing significant revealed until the last two minutes, which is pointless as you never connect with the main guy. Brody’s good, but doesn’t have to do much more than grunting, crawling and crying. Would have been a walkout after 60 minutes if it had a longer run time – it’s a shorty. Wrecked is a nice concept, but with crap execution – feels like a rushed, poorly planned project that was shot in a couple of days.

Score: 2/10

  1. Colin said:

    Agreed. More pants than my bottom drawer.


  2. Lukok said:

    I also agree, this would have been a far better as a short. It seemed like an OK concept, but ended as 10 first minutes of good stuff, a cool concept. Then they filled it with fodder until the end, I was bored halfway through already.


  3. Paragraph Film Reviews said:

    Phew, thought I was being a little harsh, but glad it’s not just me. Terrible film, I felt most bad for my Mrs that had to sit through it to the bitter end.


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