Bound: Violet wants to leave her mobster boyfriend after hooking up with ex-con Corky – so they hatch a little ol’ scheme to steal laundered some money. A project to prove that the Wachowski‘s could actually handle a film before studios gave them money for The Matrix, it had to stand out, so the guys made a noir film with a unique twist – LESBIANS!!! The retro vibe mixed with the semi-corny script, cheapy music and lesbian undertones make the first 30 minutes feel a bit like a soft porno. When two beautiful women start fingerblasting each other it feels like an actual porno, but with more passion & realism. After the setup the film picks up the pace; with the story twisting along and the directors quickly proving that they can handle themselves. It’s very, very slick and stylish, well shot, technically proficient and a dramatic rollercoaster towards the end. A couple of really high tension scenes are also handled masterfully, and although the script’s a bit clunky, the story makes up for it. Both females (Tilly & Gershon) do well with their characters, as does Pantoliana but seeing Cypher with hair is a bit weird. The final act in particular has a real Reservoir Dogsy type feel to it in both the bloody violence, and the career kick-startability. As a readiness project, consider this mission accomplished, although the Wachowski‘s would soon realised that all the money in the world couldn’t make a good film *coughMatrixRevolutionscough*

Score: 6.5/10

How will we convince people to give us money for our project... LESBIOOOBS!!!!

  1. “The retro vibe mixed with the semi-corny script, cheapy music and lesbian undertones make the first 30 minutes feel a bit like a soft porno.” Yes! But that’s why I loved it; there was tease and then it delivered. It was an intense experience and I found it constantly ahead of me.


  2. Opinions are also like assholes: everyone has one and they mostly smell like shit.
    But anyway. I really like this flick and not just for the hot girl-on-girl action (although it is some of the best girl-on-girl in mainstream movies). The Wachowski boys (as they once were) just came straight out of the gate stylistically. All the monochrome, the whirling cameras, there is so much of the Matrix, and even V For Vendetta in this. Look at the scene where Violet and Corky are talking on the phone with just the shitty wall between them. The way they mirror each other like that… Great stuff.


  3. Paragraph Film Reviews said:

    @Fran – I will never complain seeing Gershon and Tilly lez out, especially done this well! Ever. It was a bit ‘red shoe diaries’ at the start.

    @McNeely – Was tempted to put “opinions are like arseholes, I don’t want to see yours unless you’re name’s Kelly Madison” but didn’t want to scare off the kids! Agreed on all the above – it’s pretty fuckin’ impressive for a first-time pair.


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