Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol: the IMF’s best agent Ethan Hunt is back again; his team go off the grid as they’re blamed for bombing the Kremlin – they must also stop an unfolding global Nuclear War – instigated by a madman! This film sticks to what the franchise does best; action and tension. The tension is wrung out and maximised like a boss; the Kremlin corridor and double-meeting in particular are proper edge-of-your-seat scenes. The action is also well above par, bone-crunching fist-fights and well-handled/edited camera work (other than the sloppy sandstorm chase). This story is typical of the other three films, with more newfangled espionage in various hyper-photogenic locations. Pegg comes out on top of the cast, providing a bit more comic relief than usual, but avoids becoming the clown – everyone else is solid. There’s some awesome gadgets and technical details for your inner-geek,  the fastest-booting servers in the world and an onslaught of Apple products. On the downside, it definitely needed more Ving Rhames quips & ass-kicking, and Nyqvist as the ‘main’ bad guy could have done with more screen time and evil development. M:I-4 is another slick instalment of the winning James Bond formula cranked up to 11.

Score: 7/10

  1. Fine look at this film. For me, it was Paula Patton that stood out. I think people will look back at this as her star-making role. Thanks.


  2. I liked this, it delivered on awesome action, and that’s what I wanted really. My only problem with this one is the fact problems for our protagonists arise out of bad lack or pure chance, rather then their adversaries’ skill. The targets they’re supposed to impersonate just happen to arrive early, then the machine making their masks for disguise just happen to brake down, then Cruise has to climb the tower, and there just happens to come a sandstorm… and so on, and so on. What I meant to say, the villains were rather crappy in this installment. Overall, I preferred MI3.

    But I could see the Mi franchise going on indefinitely, if they keep delivering the explosive entertainment.


  3. Nostra said:

    Saw it this past weekend and I loved it. Great gadgets which felt realistic (especially the one they use in the Kremlin) and non stop action. Best action movie I’ve seen this year (although I only saw a handful of moives)


  4. I am now vindicated … knew I couldn’t have been the only one to notice the ridiculously obvious Apple product placement!


  5. Paragraph Film Reviews said:

    @Le0pard – she did alright, unfortunately felt she was limited to the ‘eye candy’/emotional woman role a bit. A good turn in though.

    @VS – I think MI 2 is my favourite, if only for the insane John Woo factor, but I know what you mean about this one, a ton of plot contrivances used to push the story forward.

    @Nostra – absolutely, the way it synched with the person’s line of vision was amazing, and the ‘project a water drop’ clicker… how much do you want one of those?!?!?

    @Marshall – hells yea. They’ve been fairly aggressive in recent blockbusters. Everywhere you look… iPhones and Macbooks. Don’t think I’ve seen anyone work in an iPad yet though.


  6. I LOVED this movie, the entire Dubai climbing sequence had me on the edge of my seat!


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      I re-watched it again a few weeks back and it still hold up. The ending is a tad ridiculous, but the climbing/face swap scenes are BRILLIANT! You can’t beat the Mission Impossible theme either – it always perks you up!

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