Infernal Affairs

Infernal Affairs / 無間道: the Hong Kong triads have inserted a loyal mole into the police force, who themselves have an undercover officer in the same gang – which cover will get blown first? As soon as it starts you can tell that this is simply great storytelling; it’s not dumbed down, there’s no filler and most interestingly, very little shooting/action for a cop-gangster film. The scenes where both sides are simultaneously involved are truly heart-pounding – even after seeing this and the re-make several times each. Maximising the espionage, tension and suspicion this grips you like an anaconda for the entirety, and doesn’t let go until the final scene. The police mole also throws up an interesting moral dilemma in the final third of the movie. None of the highly-watchable central actors put a foot wrong, with solid performances from the who’s who in Hong Kong cast – the only rubbish character is the ridiculous, annoying girlfriend that should have been written out. Until recently, you knew that a foreign film was decent when Hollywood re-made it – sure The Departed is brilliant, but is essentially this with a 60 minute longer runtime. Infernal Affairs is better than decent, it’s better than brilliant, it is the gold standard of police dramas. Absolute must-see.

Score: 10/10

  1. Will said:

    Holy shit 10/10, maybe I should get off my ass and finally watch this. Sounds awesome.


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Indeed, only the 2nd full marks given out in over 2 years (Matrix being the other one). I genuinely couldn’t find a fault in this, and believe me, I always try and find somehting!


  2. Nostra said:

    That’s a high score! I watched this trilogy and The Departed and like latter one more. It was just a bit more structured as I has some trouble with following Infernal Affairs at times.


  3. Great film, i just watched The Departed the other day and it got me thinking that i REALLY need to watch this again, and then check out the sequels.


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