Paul: two ultra nerds go on a US road trip end up assisting an alien fugitive, comical misadventures ensue! Despite a wealth of fantastic SFX and a fairly predictable plot, the overall feel, tone and dialogue remain quite indie. Paul/Rogen is surprisingly human in this, which is a massive relief as he could have easily been another Jar Jar – he also looks amazing, and you believe he’s in the picture for the most part. There’s a total shitload of mainstream and obscure scifi references throughout – from dialogue and sound effects to imagery and entire quotes – all lifted from other genre pieces, making this 100% a film by nerds, for nerds. Most surprisingly, Paul is actually really funny, although I’ll admit that most of the appeal for me was the juvenile moments – ridiculously creative swearing, ass jokes, smutty talk etc. Although the trailer makes it look like a low-rent comedy Paul really is easily one of the funniest films that’s been out in a long time, mostly down to the great ensemble cast.

Score: 7/10

  1. Stu said:

    Good to hear. I’m a big fan of the Pegg/Frost team-ups.


  2. Darren said:

    Kinda want to see this, but there’s just been so much on. Glad to hear it’s good, though.


  3. Lucky bastard with your screenings and such…


  4. Castor said:

    Any movie who has our first name is A-ok if you ask me ;)


  5. Andrew said:

    Can’t wait to see this one– glad to hear another source singing its praises.


  6. Marc said:

    Great to hear it! I too felt the trailers made it look low rent. Very excited to see this now… especially for all those sci-fi references you mention and the creative swearing sounds a lot like Superbad which I highly enjoy:)


  7. Stu said:

    Just saw it finally as part of a double feature with “Battle: Los Angeles.” I enjoyed one of the films very much. I’ll give you one guess as to which…


  8. Andrew said:

    Follow-up: This is the first great movie of 2011 for me. Absolutely loved it.


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