The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: essentially an English language, scene for scene, character for character and detail for detail re-make of the Swedish original film adaptation. The over-stylised James Bond-esque opening credits paired with NIN industrial techno Led Zep remix are fantastic, and promise something fresh/new; unfortunately the rest of the film fails to deliver as it copies almost everything from the original. Most annoyingly, it’s still set in Sweden and full of Europeans talking in ‘svee-deesh’ – it’s like watching a professional dubbing of the original. Character-wise, Daniel Craig is good, but Nyqvist has the edge as the flawed idealist journalist; Rooney Mara is very watchable as Lisbeth Salander, but it feels like a good imitation of Rapace’s portrayal. In all honesty, both pairs of boots were almost impossible to fill. The rest of the cast deliver, but again, have very little room to put any new stamp on the characters. As a stand-alone film, it is good (although it would have been hard to mess up sticking to the original). All is not lost though, as the 2nd/3rd Swedish films weren’t perfect, and have far more room for improvement. As someone who saw and loved the original, this lacks any of the impact that the modern twist on the classic murder mystery had – this just feels redundant and unimaginative. Expected a something better from a director of David Fincher‘s calibre.

Score: 7/10

Review of the original

  1. Rebecca said:

    OK but can I still see this even though I’ve not yet got round to watching the Swedish one (I know, I know)?


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      You sure can, although be warned – the one you see first will contain all of the impact/smack/good stuff and the other version will probably seam rubbish in comparison!


  2. ormalu said:

    Sadly, I watched the boxed set of the mini-series – extended versions of the Swedish films – over Christmas.

    They were ok, but it was all a bit *too* extended, with some of it dragged out into excruciating slowness, and I wish I’d watched the movie-length versions instead. I think you’re right, though, I’m not sure I’ll be watching the Fincher version if it’s just a simple remake.


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Interesting; I thought the film cut of this book was spot on. Just enough detail and information to keep it all together and push the story forward without swamping us with backstory. I think in a few years once I’ve forgotten a bit about this it would be interesting to see the full, TV cut.

      How much time does the whole thing clock in as?


  3. I was a little scared to see this movie because I really enjoyed the Swedish versions, but I liked it. During the opening credits, the person I went with leaned over and said, “Is this a James Bond movie?”


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Yea, very ‘Bondian’ opening titles. I think the person in that department is trying to get the Job on Skyfall, big time.


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