Genius or Arse #3

Vinnie Jones: Former crazy footballer turned silver-screen ‘ard man is probably one of the most recognisable Brits in the movie business right now. Whether it’s because of his reputation and image, or genuine lack of range, Mr Jones always ends up playing hooligans, hitmen, mutants, gangsters and serial killers. Despite this he’s appeared over 30 films including Lock Stock, Snatch, Hell Ride, X-Men, Survive Style 5+, The Condemned… erm… Midnight Meat Train and… uhhh… Not Another Not Another Movie! Aside from acting he’s also written books, appeared in a WWF PPV, starred in music videos, a ton of commercials, numerous TV appearances and sang on a couple of albums. More recently he took some time out to guest star as “A Massive Knob” in the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, but to be fair, he was the only household name in a room full of idiots. All-in, given his age and background he’s done quite well but where are all the good roles?

Verdict: Unlimited respect to a football player that ends up being one of the most famous British people in the world, unfortunately he hasn’t done anything good enough to deserve ‘Genius’ status. Arse by default.

Blue Toothed Genius or JuggerArse – you decide!

  1. would probably agree with you
    but I doubt I would say it to his face


  2. Castor said:

    I will say genius just for the fact that he found a new kick ass career after his football career was over.


  3. I would say neither… not an arse but not good enough to be a genius! I actually really like Vinnie Jones but he was also in the worst movie I’ve ever seen: Number One Girl.
    Also, Midnight Meat Train was surprisingly awesome!


  4. I’d say genius! He’s one of the few people that have come from another world and succeeded as an actor, playing smart roles that suit him. Not trying to develop a range that doesn’t exist and doing what he does and doing it well. I love when he surprises me onscreen in one of his brute roles. I’m no doubt a fan, but then again Bullet Tooth Tony is one of my favorite of all time.


    • Good point in that he may just be focusing on his strengths! As I say, don’t think he’s particularly bad but just never seems to ‘make a film’ for me. Really liked the part in Survive Style 5+ though.


  5. Dan said:

    Arse. He was an arse when he played football, and he’s an even bigger arse now. He is terribly limited as an actor and easily typecast. Most of the films he’s been in are rubbish. I’ll give him this though – he works his ‘arse’ off, but that only means more rubbish, more often!


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