12 Rounds

12 Rounds: After accidentally killing a terrorist’s girlfriend the hero cop must save his own Mrs in a game of revenge when the baddie escapes from jail a year later. Before watching this I had the sentence “Cena couldn’t act his way out of a joke shop” already typed up; turns out he’s the best actor in the whole film, which doesn’t say much about anyone else. Aidan Gillen was particularly bad, sounding like Raab Himself doing a Tommy Lee Jones from Blown Away impression. Can’t say a good thing about anyone else, other than they pretty much killed what would have been quite a compelling story. It’s from the director of a Die Hard film and the producer of Speed so it’s all familiar territory: high-octane action, constant peril, tasks, explosions, black cop / white cop and ridiculously aware driving. The 5.1 soundtrack’s worth nothing because each crash will thump you in the chest. With the right actors behind it 12 Rounds could have been more memorable however it’s still a pretty decent balls-to-the-wall action flick, and it doesn’t try to be anything else.

Score: 6/10

  1. 12 Rounds is definitely the worst theatrical WWE Films release, but it had its moments. Me and my friends quote it from time to time to be ironic and “hip”. Some of the action was good, and I actually really enjoyed seeing the guy who played E. Honda show up in something.

    Good review! I like the paragraph idea and you’re a better man than I for it; I tend to ramble A LOT. Like now. And now. And now. And now.


    • Man, there’s no way you’re saying that the Marine is better than this?!?! :-p I also remember really liking Walking Tall back in the day.


  2. Darren said:

    Damn it, I had such high hopes for Aidan Gillen. Why can’t actors from the Wire transition that to big screen success, but instead end up in crap films? Idris Elba ends up in Obsession (but is great on the Beeb in Luthor at the moment) and Dominic West was crap in The Punisher. They are so good, how come they end up in stuff like this?


    • You’re watching Luther too? Nice! About to watch the 2nd ep tonight, definitely one of the better things that the Big British Castle have been funding lately.

      I love playing the “who the fuck was he in the Wire” game with my missus. The cast are making their way into everything at the moment. Treme is hitting the UK at the end of the year – can’t wait.


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