Grosse Pointe Blank

Grosse Pointe Blank: Follows a hitman going through a midlife crisis as he heads back home for a big job and school reunion. This was supposed to be a dark comedy but the only black part was Martin Blank’s clothes; the tone was more mawkish than anything else. Minnie Driver was pretty terrible, Cusack is just plain old Cusack and none of the others are particularly noteworthy. There’s a massive (but predictable) soundtrack that they must have spent a lot of the budget on. It pokes a lot of fun at the technology that appeared in 1980’s films although the final message is that too much TV is bad for you. Not a whole lot more to say really. This is probably the finest example of an entire film being drawn out around a single pun – what’s worse is that it adds absolutely nothing to the film! Despite everything that happens it just ends up feeling bland and absurd.

Score: 4/10

  1. Darren said:

    I am going to respectfully disagree, but then I’m an unapologetic Cusack enthusiast.

    Nice new layout by the way… The old one was great, but I like this. Why the change, might I ask?


  2. I like Cusack as much as the next guy but just think he’s one of the least diverse actors I’ve ever seen – at least int he films I’ve seen him in he’s always a chronically baby-faced, indie-quirky guy!

    Saw this new theme on the WP home page and fancied a change. The last layout was good but had huge text spacing and felt a little clinical after a while.


  3. I LOVE THE NEW TEMPLATE FOR THE SITE. It’s original, catches your eye and is CLEAN. Huge improvement. I’m in love and a little jealous.

    I’m with Darren here and going to disagree with you about Grosse Point Blank though. I dig the movie, but only after a few viewings, and I could totally see how this movie is built to adhere to certain humor and definitely isn’t for everyone.


  4. I haven’t seen GPB yet so I don’t have a comment on that… just wanted to say your new template kicks ass! Seriously, I’m jealous! Looks sharp… if it was a woman, I would try and mate with it! :)


  5. nice new template, fits in well
    pity about your terrible review though Para


    • Darren said:

      Oh, Ross, zing!


  6. Dan said:

    Have to disagree with you here Paragraph. Grosse Point Blank, for me, is an original and offbeat film that is very funny at times. Aykroyd and Cusack are great. However, you’re right about Minnie Driver but she’s a terrible actress so I just try to ignore her (or her films).


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