Argo: one of the CIA’s clandestine experts creates a ‘real’ fake movie as the perfect cover-up to bring home 6 diplomats stuck behind enemy lines. The most obvious thing about Argo is the phenomenally chosen cast, particularly from the TV sphere; people representing Braking Bad, 24, The Good Wife, etc – everyone is on great form, doing their parts for the movie. Arkin and Goodman in particular get many great lines, which helps maintain the delicate balance between the drama & peril, and a tongue-in-cheek – almost knockabout – look at Hollywood in the early 80s (with a loving streak of appreciation for Sci-Fi B-movies). On that note, the immaculate, uncompromising, period detail adds an unusually thick layer of authenticity to the story. The film’s book-ended by some ridiculously tense, well-directed, moments of a siege and the final throes of an escape. There are a few minor issues; it feels a little longer than it needed to be, some of the drama comes from contrived methods (like the old “run that through the system again” trick); also, although it’s not a ‘political’ film per se – but it reeks of AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!! Bottom line, Argo is a solid, balanced (if somewhat over-dramatised), political/historical thriller, held together by a superb cast. It also looks like Ben Affleck is fast becoming one of the best Actor’s Directors around.

Score: 7/10

  1. Nostra said:

    This is one the best movies out this year (in my opion) and I thought it was amazing, nothing I can fault it for, although I will agree there are few moments which could have been left out (like the running through the computer again or the final bit in the escape) without losing any tension.


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Seemed to do really well in most blogs best of the year lists, and is storming the awards already. Looks like Benny’s got a long career behind the camera coming up!


  2. definitely ‘becoming one of the best Actor’s Directors around’…. ‘becoming’ being the key word. The contrived methods you mention are definitely still a weakness, but it’s a very good film and I think his best yet. I gave it a 7.5/10 so I think we’re in the same boat with our thoughts on this one.


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