Red State

Red State: a kidnapping, turns into a hostage situation, which goes south pretty quickly from there. Be warned: this is nothing like anything Kev Smith previously done. For me, Smith films are defined by his ridiculously snappy / witty / unrealistic dialogue – none of those traits were overly abundant, but conversations are still not quite natural. There’s a mumble jumble of social commentary, gunfighting, politics, government handling of situations and blood-splattering gore; none of which were pushed to the front of the film, giving it a bouncy tone and a premise that constantly changes. In saying that, it’s all quite enjoyable and entertaining at the time, but ultimately the cinema equivalent of junk food – it fills a 90 minute void -isn’t too memorable! Cast-wise, Goodman steals every scene, but is closely followed by Park’s ultra-extreme rambling hate Baptist. It reminded me a lot of Burn after Reading in a ‘govt f-up’ way, especially the abrupt wrap-up, although it’s not quite in the same league.

Score: 5.5/10

  1. Eric said:

    I thought this movie was pretty lame. As you said, it didn’t know what it wanted to be, and the end result suffered because of this.


  2. Dan said:

    Oh dear, I was hoping Kevin Smith would return to form after some truly awful films. Looks like he has simply lost any talent he had.


  3. Andrew said:

    Propaganda filmmaking at its…well, it’s propaganda filmmaking. Really, Smith wants us to think he’s just making a horror film, but Red State wears his political leanings so much on its sleeve that this ceases to be narrative fiction and sort of just becomes a series of moments in which religious extremists are taken to task. I can’t say I necessarily disagree with the spirit of his sentiment but it’s not woven into his plot at all; it’s overt, in your face, and as a result the film fails to work on any level. It doesn’t help that he can’t decide what sort of film he’s making, either.

    Agreed on Parks and Goodman; they’re great. Just not enough that they can save the movie.


  4. noonanjohnc said:

    There are signs of Kevin Smith growing up, but then there’s that ending…. I’ve not been that angry by an ending since I watched the Game…


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