The Avengers

The Avengers (AKA Avengers Assemble): ensemble super-cast of characters (and actors) have to save the world from Loki and his army of robo-alien minions. Everything about this flick aims to please: it does a good job of linking Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and a few other superheroes together;  we get to see superheroes take on bad guys, superheroes brakin’ up monsters, and superheroes fighting each other; Black window is even thrown in as the gratuitous hottie – no complaints. There’s a solid streak of humour, with a bunch of surprisingly funny lines that had the entire cinema laughing. Also, why do people still live in Manhattan when it gets attacked this often? After years of buildup, drip-fed snippets, extended trailers and bags o’ hype, the final product is better than the cynic in me was dreading. The Avengers is a summer blockbuster in every sense of the word: big cast, big budget, big story, big spectacle, big runtime, big characters, big laughs, big noises… BIG FUN! Directed by Joss Whedon, this is a well made, lovingly crafted, humourous mega-buster.

Score: 7/10

  1. Katie said:

    Agree with every word of that. Nicely summarised. I was skeptical too but Whedon managed to deliver a perfect Blockbuster with tonnes of geek out moments and a nice script.


  2. Nice review dude. I was afraid I’d been looking forward to this a bit too much, but I wasn’t disappointed. Great fun, and I cannot wait for the Blu-Ray. Also, apparently the Yanks are getting another post-credits bit as well! From what I hear, it’s nothing Earth-shattering, just a pay-off for an earlier gag, but it sounds like a fun little bit. Damn Yankees!


  3. Jaina said:

    Completely agree. I wasn’t looking forward to it all that much until the first trailer. I was a little bit scared of it, just worrying that it could be a total disaster.

    Worked out brilliantly. Epic superhero film.


  4. Great review. You were able to perfectly summarize what The Avengers was all about. I didn’t enjoy the film that much, though.


  5. Stu said:

    Nice write up. I really don’t think I’ve heard from anyone who didn’t have a fun time at this movie.


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