Thor: after putting the galaxy’s’ peace at risk Thor is cast out to Earth until he learns to tone down the arrogance, and ramp up the leadership. This is one of the most eclectic mixes of a film I can remember seeing; there’s oodles of tongue-in-cheek camp, so much so that everybody seems to think they’re in an amateur stage play; there’s about 30 characters all turning it up to eleven and vying for attention – not to mention robots, goblins, gods, scientists and feds. Most annoyingly, the SFX are insanely overused – reminiscent of the first wave of GCI laden 90s films. The action scenes are also poorly done – resulting in a series of blurry smashes and explosions until there’s a body is lying on the ground / frozen in ice. The bottom line is that the tone, style and elements of Thor are so erratic, that it ends up feeling like a film that exists just to be the next comic book film. Big, bright, loud and stupid, Michael Bay would be so proud

Score: 2.5/10

  1. Stu said:

    Wow, I wasn’t blown away by “Thor” either but I can’t putting “Fast Five” above it and by such an extreme, no less.

    I gave Uwe Boll’s “House of the Dead” a 2.5…

    Branagh could definitely work on his action chops but I couldn’t find anything much to hate in this movie.


  2. WOW! 2.5 and Fast 5 got a 7? What next? Cats sleeping with dogs?


  3. mcarteratthemovies said:

    Man, I am not understanding this hate people seem to have for “Thor.” It does not have the emotional depth of “Spider-Man 2,” sure, but it’s good in its own right. Tom Hiddleston is killer as Loki; in fact, he’s the reason I’m so stoked for “The Avengers.” And I think that Hemsworth did a good showing Thor’s transition. Because I’m one of the people who argues that the character did develop, and there’s more to him than his abs.


  4. I liked the writing here because it was a lot more light than most superhero films, and Hemsworth is very charming as Thor. Good Review!


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