The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods: 5 friends go to an isolated cabin for a party, and although a bunch of zombified rednecks lurk in the woods, this is far from your average slasher/horror flick. My only real complaint is that the film puts all of the cards on the table a little too early – although it’s understandable, because such an ending would be too much to nonchalantly tag on during a finale. There’s plenty decent acting, even better SFX, good suspense / tension / scares, brilliant streak of tongue-in-cheek genre humour (The whiteboard with entries like “Angry Molestation Tree”, and ‘trowel’ quip are golden). The film works its way towards the revelatory ending, and the final reel is one of the best pieces of horror in decades – it’s an insane roller coaster paying both tribute and homage to the last 100 years of horror cinema. This is clearly made by horror fans, for horror fans. Don’t watch the trailer, or even read any more reviews, just get your arse to the cinema and check this beast out for yourself. Cabin in the Woods is creepy, entertaining, smart, fresh, funny, original and goes far beyond (and behind) the standard horror movie formula. Easily one of the best modern horrors in a long, long time.

Score: 8.5/10

Bonus: here’s a screenshot of the whiteboard – Click to Enlarge

Bonus: here's a screenshot of the whiteboard - Click to Enlarge

  1. I’m not really a horror fan but this has been receiving so many positive, interesting reviews that I’m quite curious about it. If I can summon the courage, I might go see it soon.

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  2. Jaina said:

    The trailer does that bad job of letting loose more than a couple of major spoiler-y plot points. Which is a massive shame!

    I adore this film. Dying to see it again.


  3. I love the whiteboard! I’m going to see The Avengers in about 7 hours, but it’ll have to do a lot to top this as my film of the year so far. Instant classic


      • I can’t really compare the two. They’re both outstanding flicks


        • Nice, politically neutral answer! It’s easier for me as I’m way more of a horror nerd than comic book nerd.


          • Yeah, I’m just a full-on movie nerd. These two in particular both have such different sensibilities, even though they share the same creative force (some dude called Whedon apparently. I think that kid might have a future). They’re both fantastic, but from different perspectives.


  4. Stu said:

    “the film puts all of the cards on the table a little too early”

    I can agree with that. I like that it wasn’t dealt as a hard, Shyamalanian plot-twist but I feel like they could have built on the conventional story elements a little more before pulling the curtain back.


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