Misfits (Season 3)

Misfits (Season 3): 8 Episodes: with a whole new bunch of powers and a line-up change, the gang are re-booted and re-established. It takes around 1/2 the season, but once the new guy – ‘split personality’ Rudy – is properly established his comic timing, screen presence and character far outdo Nathan, which isn’t an easy feat. The rest of the cast keep up with their characters well and the dealer gets a bigger role than before. A critical problem with Season 3 is that the writing is all over the place, I’ve never seen a series with such variation in quality between episodes; some are among the best and most clever to date, yet others are barely watchable or deadly boring, and the rest are average at best. To finger out a couple, the Nazi time travel and gender bending episodes are just boring, boring and boring – however the super STD episode is comedy gold and the zombie cheerleaders is nothing short of pure cult. Slow burning, with individual episodes ranging between 1/10 and 8/10, Misfits Season 3 asks a lot more of its audience than previous outings, and although it’s still daring, dark and outrageous it only gets its shit together in the final couple of episodes. It’s definitely lacking the clever writing that made the first two seasons special – Season 4 will be a tough sell for me.

Score: 5.5/10

  1. Lukok said:

    I totally agree, some of the episodes were better, some were worse. I was also surprised with how much I liked Rudy, I never thought anyone could replace Nathan, but the actor did an awesome job.

    I wasn’t quite happy with the ending though, I felt like it was rushed. Since the first season Misfits haven’t had a storyline that stretches out in a few episodes, that is the only thing bothering me.


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Totally, at first I was “meh, trying to hard” but by the end of the series I’d pretty much forgot about Nathan. Just fantastic comedy timing, and brass-neckery. I really hope Rudy’s back because with Alisha and Simon leaving S4 may as well be starting with a clean slate.

      I disliked the ending because it didn’t properly finish / wrap up (with Simon going back in time, everything else would have changed). Finger’s crossed that there’s a return to form for the next series.


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