The Wolfman

The Wolfman: Re-make of a 1940s Werewolf film, and probably just as lame and cheesy as the original! I can’t really sum up how bad this is in mere words but I’ll give it a go: it’s essentially a classic 1980s action flick with inane modern effects and a terrible story. This got more laughs than shocks in the cinema as it was just so cheesy, the highlight being Anthony Hopkins’ campy lord character – how they managed to con such a respected cast into this is absolutely beyond me. It’s far too reliant on cheap jumps / special effects, and the music is as bargain-bin as the script. It’s excessively gory, but even that doesn’t distract you from the cinema butchery. Despite the ‘expectations bar’ being set outrageously low this films still managed to comfortably limbo underneath. Avoid at all costs.

Score: 2/10

  1. Castor said:

    Oh man, this sounds atrocious and like a completely needless remake…


  2. yeah, will be avoiding this one i think Paragraph
    might watch it in seven years time when its on late on tv


  3. I had the displeasure to watch this in the cinema recently. Very accurate review. The acting was really shocking and it was a real crock of a film. For those very reasons, it was also quite entertaining and, like Clash of the Titans, because certain lines and moments are so bad, it gives the audience a lot of laughs :) I hope you continue to do reviews, as it’s really refreshing to read a nice concise review!


    • Thanks for the kind words! No plan in stopping any time soon, just be a little slower this month due to Script Frenzy!



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