The Air I Breathe

The Air I Breathe: Four separate stories of characters based on the emotions Happiness, Pleasure, Sorrow and Love are linked by a ruthless gangster. A somewhat tired idea these days that lands in the Crash / Amores Perros / Babel genre. For the most part the casting is unadventurous, Garcia, Bacon, Whitaker all play bread and butter roles. Hirsch is chronic. Michelle Gellar is really good but the real standout was Brendan Fraser; especially given how unconventional his character is. He pulls off an awesome performance; gruff, grim and interesting. FAO his agent, sack shit like Furry Vengeance and get him more roles like this, pronto! The cheesy voiceovers give the film a bizarre aftershave commercial feel and ‘Fingers’ is such a terrible name for a baddie. The big problem was that the four individual segments were too short and broad to build on the characters effectively. Towards the end the story comes together nicely (albeit quite cheesily) but just doesn’t quite have the full effect. Overall this has good intentions but just fails to rock you. A decent effort by any standards but could have been a real tour de force.

Score: 6.5/10

  1. Yes, i remember this film. You did a good job refreshing my memory with this review. I thoroughly remember Forest Whitaker being a badass but i agree with your rating.


  2. Brendan Fraser giving in a good performance in a not-awful movie? I shall have to see…


  3. I enjoyed this movie but agree with your rating. It was done pretty well but wasn’t a movie that resonates with you after a few days have passed. But I did enjoy it, and I loved the Brendan Fraser and SMG chemistry. I wish Fraser would do more movies like this. Sometimes I forget he can act.


  4. Yes, stop the press. Brendan Fraser can actually act. As mentioned, not the most memorable flick on the planet but it’s a decent stab at it.


  5. He’s been in so many good roles, but so many weird movies, I can’t really understand his choices, but then again look how great Blast From The Past and Bedazzled turned out. I would have never called that on either of them. Hot as *hell* Elizabeth Hurley was just a bonus.


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