The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer: follows a defense attorney that will represent any scumbag if the money’s right, but his latest case isn’t all it seems. First off, this is way, way better than the trailer makes the film look. Being based on a successful novel, the story’s rock solid, and stands up to the best court-based dramas out there at the moment (i.e. The Good Wife). There’s plenty interesting developments as the story moves forward. It’s also quite slick and really well made; the standout shot being the long revolving one in the courthouse. From out of nowhere McConaughey’s is excellent as a streetwise southern lawyer and Phillippe rises to the challenge with an equally believable performance. It’s a little slow in the 3rd quarter, and could have probably done without the last 15 minutes (everything after the major verdict) but hey ho, it still works well. Sack the casting director too; putting in two of the three most obvious latino typecasts working today. I was pleasantly surprised walking out of the cinema after this, well worth your time if you like your legal-flicks, topped off with a superb bluesy/R&B soundtrack.

Score: 7/10

  1. Stu said:

    I missed this one again this weekend. I’ve been on a science-fiction bender for a while here (which is typical of me) – “Battle: LA,” “Paul,” and “Sucker Punch.” One of the three is really quite solid. Can you guess which one?

    Also, are you planning on participating in “Raimifest”? It starts tomorrow and I would be interested in getting your take on some of his projects.


    • Hey Stu – this is definitely worth checking out if Law/Dramas are your thing. As for the solid film, I hope SuckerPunch doesn’t suck balls, but it’s got to be Paul, Right?

      In the middle of moving house and jobs at the moment so haven’t had the chance to review many films – RamiFest would be cool though – always meant to run through all three Evil Dead films… what’s the schedule?


  2. joem18b said:

    I’ve listened to a few of the Mick Haller books. Hard to picture McConaughey in the role, compared to my picture of the guy in my head. But I’m looking forward to checking it out.


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