The Girl Who Played with Fire

The Girl Who Played with Fire: Lisbeth heads back to Sweden after becoming the number one suspect in a treble murder – she tries to get to the bottom of the set-up while Mikael is out to prove her innocence. The writing is a lot sloppier than Dragon Tattoo with a few cheap characters written in for no reason other than making the story a bit more interesting – particularly the real-life boxer guy and two biker goons. In saying this, the story is still decent, even if it is all geared at backgrounding Lisbeth. Once again the two leads carry the story with enviable ease, Rapace in particular gets a lot of time to shine; the smaller presence of Nyqvist lets the film down a little. It also feels a lot more fictitious, with Mikael main guy out-foxing the police at every turn and Salander’s espionage / fighting super-skills. With a different director behind the camera the tone of the second film is worlds apart from the Dragon Tattoo; couple this with the weaker story and it’s nowhere near as gripping or memorable, as it unfolds somewhat predictably. As a stand alone film this would have been a good effort but after Dragon Tattoo this just seems so much more tamer and safer. Despite this review sounding hella negative Played with Fire is a good film, and does a solid job of keeping the trilogy going, while setting up the third installment.

Score: 6/10

  1. Sad to hear that this didn’t quite reach the level of the first one. I was really hoping that as the series went on, it would be able to build momentum from one to the next. I’m still excited to catch it on DVD, though.


  2. Sadako said:

    Cool review…I’ve been thinking about watching this trilogy. It’s too bad it wasn’t as good as the first, as Franz Patrick says.


  3. Wow, did we see the same film? Lisbeth is framed after she comes back to Sweden and threatens her Guardian. The real-life boxer guy is her step-brother. All the characters in the film I saw were relevant and substantial. I thought this movie was equally as good, if not better than, the first.


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