Win Win

Win Win: A lawyer-cum-wrestling coach gets more than he bargained for when assuming custody of an elderly client. From the very first scene this is clearly an Indie Flick, but you can also tell straight away that it has more potential than most. The casting is very strong: Giamatti‘s looking a bit jowly but does his everyman thing; the main kid actor (Shaffer – first film role) is very watchable – great presence already; not-quite-Billy-Zane/Andy-Garcia (Cannavale) also plays a blinder with an amazingly dark undertone. Although it’s a textbook underdog / misunderstood intentions story it’s very watchable, and the family aspect in particular is compelling. More than anything else, Win Win is subtly funny, and enjoyable to watch.

Score: 7.5/10

  1. Ronan said:

    My wife really wants to see this film, the trailer was funny. I like Paul Giamatti, he was good in Sideways.


  2. Andrew said:

    Really loved this one. I actually think this is less about underdogs and more about people getting by in a post-recession US; it’s also about letting actors play real people in a family drama without letting sentimentalism get in the way. People are prickly, Win Win lets them be that way and doesn’t apologize for it.

    Spot on about the cast. Giamatti’s awesome as always but I really was impressed by Shaffer. And the world needs more Cannavale.


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