Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: pulp noir parody about a small-time criminal that gets in way over his head when he discovers a Hollywood murder plot. At the centre of this are two rock solid characters; RDJ is a quirky lovable rogue, and Val Kilmer plays ‘Gay’ Perry, a hardened P.I. but again, quite likable. Both interesting, charming and acted superbly; the chemistry between them is second to none. As the film pans out the story broadens and remains interesting, but the best part of KKBB is the humour. Almost every base is covered; screwball, wit, black, gross out and slapstick – with corpses, fingers, dogs, guns and a Christmassy undertone. This is further backed up by a sharp script, littered with comedy gems. I also liked the non-glamourised aspect of being in bottom half of the film industry and L.A. social scene. There’s a few minor faults; pretty corny and obnoxious meta narration by RDJ, a lot of smug pulp and movie references, and for some people it’s probably too left field. It’s more of a mish–mash of genre than a single type too, although that could equally be a good thing. Other than the ridiculous action-hero ending KKBB is an absolutely solid film, funny, sharp, black and a total hoot.

Score: 7.5/10

  1. I love this movie, and regularly dust it off for yet another viewing. You’ve inspired me to do it once more. Captain f**king Magic!


  2. Castor said:

    Really underrated comedy. Who knew Val Kilmer could be that funny!


  3. Every time I watch this, I completely lose it. I love how fast they talk.


  4. Fitz said:

    I remember this being the first comeback film for Downey and loving that he got a 2nd chance.


  5. Stu said:

    Gay Perry is easily one of my favorite Val Kilmer roles.


  6. the Jury vote is unanimous! Everyone loves this flick.

    I guess you can’t really ask for more than VK and RDJ playing great characters topped off with Michelle Monaghan running around in a kinky santa suit and getting her chebs out!!!


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