Triangle: having endured a freak storm, friends on a casual yachting trip are rescued by a passing ocean liner, but find themselves in a trap! As soon as they step on to the ship it’s pretty much +60 minutes of relentless tension, and edge-of-your-seat atmosphere. The old haunted cruise ship is a great setting, with deck after deck of rolling corridors and a Shining-esque eerie vibe. When the story develops and people start being picked off the murders are bloody and violent, which is great for horror fans. The storyline is complex, yet not too flashy, or in-your-face, or explanatory – just brilliantly smart and unassuming. I went back and watched the first 10 minutes again, just to check that it was as clever as I thought… After finishing it, I sat for a for a while in disbelief – asking myself: did I really just watch an intelligent, brilliantly-executed, high-brow, low-budget, well-acted, horror film that scared and impressed for most of the runtime!?!? The answer: absolutely. This film is like a beacon of hope, proving that Horror films don’t have to be moronic, dumb, cliché packed affairs. Triangle ticks all the boxes!

Score: 8.5/10

  1. Darren said:

    Have to admit, I didn’t hear good things. But might check it out.


  2. Colin said:

    What kind of a review is this? No Larry Lamb? No Kate O’Mara? Dearie me…

    (seriously, I’d never actually heard of this movie)


  3. Andrew said:

    Triangle‘s biggest flaw is that it blows its own cover by telegraphing the secret to the mystery really, really early on by explaining a certain Greek myth. Maybe if that myth had been mentioned in passing somehow, it wouldn’t have shot the suspense and tension of waiting to find out the truth. It doesn’t make Triangle unwatchable but it really, really hampers its ability to surprise.


  4. Andrew: talk of mythology didn’t make much of a difference to an Greek-ignoramus like me.

    Definitely a film that may not seem like much, until you watch the start back again (if it hadn’t clicked by the end exactly what was happening…)


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