Genius or Arse #1

Genius or ArseNicolas Cage: I realise this has probably been done elsewhere but it would be cool to glean everyone’s brutally honest opinion on perhaps one of the most troubled actors of our times. Career highlights: The Weatherman, Matchstick Men, Face/Off, Wild at Heart, Adaptation, Lord of War and even National Treasure, KickAss & Bangkok Dangerous are acceptable. Crimes against Cinema: you can never unsee The Wicker Man, Ghost Rider, Next… I recently saw the Sorcerers Apprentice trailer my heart just sank into my guts – why does he always have such shit hair?!?! Naturally, he picks up these awful big buck roles to aid his habit of spunking money on stuff like jets, yachts, 9 Rolls Royces (!), dinosaur skills (!!) a handful of castles (!!!), and his own god-damned island (!!WTF!!) Given his track record he’s like your crazy uncle at Christmas: will he embarrass himself and the entire family or will he be the highlight of the day?

Verdict: Despite his downfalls I put Cage in the Genius category because the pros of his career outweigh the cons (so far…)

Genius or Arse – You Decide!

  1. Very amusing post!
    For me, his good films definitely outweigh the bad – As bad films go, Ghost Rider isn’t as shocking as say…”I Love You, Beth Cooper”.Officially THE worst film I ever seen in all my years on this earth.
    I’ll definitely be going to see his hair in its new role in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice ;)


  2. Erin said:

    I actually really liked National Treasure (not sure if I should admit that) but Knowing was the biggest waste of film rental money ever. It was absolutely terrible. In fact I think you should watch it, just so I can see what you say about it.

    For this reason I am torn.

    He was actually OK in Knowing though even though the film was super terrible, he did his best, so therefore I am going to go for



  3. I have a HUGE love/hate relationship with Cage. He lives a duel cinema life, the one Cage stars in mediocre (at best) summer blockbusters, then his other side stars in some fine films where he gives utterly rich performances. Excellent post!




    Except for Raising Arizona and Adaptation. He was good in those.


  5. geniarse… lol Wynter
    Cage is great. so what, he makes some shit movies, who doesnt? at least hes kind of entertaining in all of them. The Wicker Man is one of the great comedies of our times.
    have heard good things about Bad Lieutenant
    and anyway, the guy was great in Raising Arizona and Con Air
    and thats good enough for me


  6. …the thing with cage is that he is an actor of whom one thinks ‘oh no I really can’t be bothered to sit through another long faced mope’ and by god aren’t half the films instantly forgettable… but every other year he either does a fantastically quiet piece of real acting or goes all BADASS PANTOMIME MUTHAFUCKA – either way it’s great when he can be bothered


  7. Nic Cage is a perfect person for this topic because I seriously don’t know… personally, I dig him!


  8. Such a divided public, glad to see everyone feels strongly one way or the other. Also really wishing I called this feature “Geniarse” now… rolls off the tongue a bit better than the current, epically blunt, one.

    Will be doing a few more posts like this starring Crowe, Whalberg, Reeves and a few others. Stay tuned for more, and cheers for the input folks!!!


  9. I think a little of both. Like Travolta he’s gone threw phases where he’ll simply be in any movie anyone asks him to, no matter how terrible it is. On the other hand he’s done some incredible work and showed us that he is in fact incredibly talented. Maybe that’s why it’s so frustrating when he squanders it.


  10. Darren said:

    Nice category. I don’t know… I think that we might be entering a second golden age of Cage (it rhymes!) – he was great in The Rock and has been crap since, but Bad Lieutenant and Kick-Ass have singlehandedly restored my faith.


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