The Good Wife

The Good Wife (Season 2): looks at a housewife-turned-lawyer whose husband is jailed after a sex scandal. The structure of this show is great – each episode is a stand alone court case, however there are always several stories playing out in the background spanning large parts of the series. Instead of focusing just on the court cases (could become boring territory) this does well to juggle courtroom, political, and family storylines. What makes it stand out is that it feels very current – we see politicians/investigators utilising twitter, youtube, foursquare and memes; the cases  also mirror characters & events from recent high-profile headlines. Some other plus points are the brilliant writing, great casting, stunningly acted (other than Chris Noth), has too many great characters to mention, is believabile, and with Ridley & Tony Scott watching over the production you can’t really ask for more from a TV show. There are a couple of slow episodes, and one ridiculous one (Chavez), but other than those this series is TV Gold, that draws you right in to the stories – you punch the air in pivotal courtroom moments and invest in the central characters. At 23 episodes long this could have dragged, but it’s the 7 day wait between them feels like an eternity.

Score: 9/10

[Would recommend starting at season 1 – which is also great]

  1. nikki said:

    What’s wrong with Chris Noth? Or are you such a Will/Alicia shipper, you can’t stand the chemistry between Chris and Julianna?


    • For me, you could put Chris Noth in a sealed laboratory with volatile elements, fire, two hot babes & a physicist and he’d struggle to create some chemistry! Trolling aside, I honestly think he’s one of the most wooden actors on my TV over the past 10 years; sure, he’s got the charm/sex appeal for certain people , but he’s made a career out of doing nothing but “stern + occasional smile”. He could get away with it in SATC/Law and Order, but with a phenomenal cast like The Good Wife I just think he’s out of his depth.

      Also, out of an overwhelmingly positive review, I don’t understand why everyone on your BB is up in arms about me saying that Noth isn’t great! See the positives :)


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