Rock N Rolla

Rock ‘n’ Rolla [Blu Ray]: Guy Ritchie introduces another bunch of dodgy geezers that you would find in ‘everyday Britain’… honestly! There’s a huge section of Basil exposition at the start; although goes with the territory of having 20 storylines and around 400 characters. There’s more narration by a LANDAN GEEZA – and the script’s full of more cockney slang / gangster limericks; I wouldn’t blame non-Brits for requiring subtitles. (Ewe go’ mo’ feet on thu street van coppas on thu beat – etc). There’s more Tarantino-esqué styling with wipes, swipes, fast cut editing, dialogue in boxes. There’s more people acting trivially when surrounded by or cut between senseless violence – which is becoming old hat. There’s also more dark comedy elements, which are quite good: a homosexual sub-plot, S&M, botched robbery, comparing scars, indestructible Russians… Where this succeeds is the stunning Brit cast; Hardy, Strong, Elba, ‘Superhands’, Butler, Kebbell, and Newton. The Blu Ray’s worth the extra pennies, with a slick picture and some tasty HD-audio. If you can’t tell from the above, Rock ‘n’ Rolla is more of the same ol’ Guy Ritchie tricks, although it’s all totally passable, and in the end, quite entertaining & watchable. It was planned to be the first of three films and – surprisingly – I’d like to see the other two.

Score: 7/10

  1. I just found this blog…and i love it…finally someone can say what they have to say without taking up twenty minutes of my time. I love Tarantino so much that anything resembling his work is definitely on my list too!


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:



  2. For all the grief he gets I think Guy Ritchie has turned out some pretty decent films, Snatch is just plain awful and I didn’t bother with swept away but both Lock Stock and Rock N Rolla are good fun in a guns and gawd damn bloody gezzers way. Sherlock was really impressive (although somewhat undermined by the BBC show coming out so close and being utterly fantastic) and Revolver is brilliant.


    • Have to say, I wasn’t expecting to like this 1/2 as much as I did. Just wish he’d hurry up and get to work on the next two parts of this trilogy…


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