Inglorious Bastards

Inglorious Bastards: original ‘B-movie’ version of the new Tarantino release. First big shock was how good the quality of everything was – other than the script! It didn’t feel much like a B-movie, more like the epic war films you’d see on TV in the afternoon. Film quality, locations, action shots and sets were all well above par. It’s been tagged as an ‘exploitation’ film, but it’s really just trashy and naff, with some risqué scenes involving black soldiers, Nazis and gratuitous unrelated boobs. The first hour of the film is a bit disjointed, but the train plot keeps everything sane. You’ve got to love how everyone jumps out of cars / windows / bunkers when they get shot – one guy’s body ascends over 10 feet off the screen! It’s an alright film, but not nearly as gnarly or action-packed as you’d expect (due to a 15 certificate)

Score: 6/10

  1. hwamil said:

    Isn’t the title “Inglorious Bast’e’rds”? Just giving you a heads up before you get more views! You can delete this comment if you want to :) I’m excited to see this movie.


  2. Paragraph Film Reviews said:

    Hey Hwamil. This was the original 1979 film that the new one has been loosely based on. Tarantino changed the title to ‘BastErds’ for the new one… fact, the translated original title is “That Damn Armored Train”


  3. hwamil said:

    Oh, I see! Haha, my mistake. The very first sentence wasn’t specific enough for me to realize that you were speaking of a remake, especially since I was unaware that there was an original! I’m going to try and see the ‘original’ as well. Thanks.


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