The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau: an aspiring politician accidentally sees behind the curtain of ‘fate’, and how he’s not fully in control of his own destiny, so he tries to re-write the books. This is the first romantic, heavily religious sci-fi thriller I’ve seen in a while… and juggling all those things hurts the film – but that’s only one of the minor problems. The ‘adjustors’ – who are never fully explained – are cringe-inducing. They wear old style clothing (ok), and their special powers are hats that allow them to walk through doors (ookaaaayyyy…..), and their Achilles heel is water (oh.)… Seriously – semi omniscient beings whose kryptonite is the most abundant compound on the planet! As for the other characters, there’s almost no attempt to develop anyone. It also feels like it’s been put together by the NYC tourist board, with no fewer than 10 photogenic locations. As the film went on some of the reveals and explanations were so stupid I was chuckling for minutes at a time. Emily Blunt’s totally watchable, but did I really just see Matt Damon in a big-budget b-movie?? Seriously, what’s he doing here? The final product is a totally ludicrous and non-sensical film; but you get the feeling that everyone involved knew that. It’s ultimately harmless, but totally stupid.

Score: 3/10

  1. mcarteratthemovies said:

    Ouch — 3/10? While “The Adjustment Bureau” is far from perfect, I’d say it deserves higher marks than that. I LOATHED the ending and thought the philosophical mumbo-jumbo was unnecessary, but Blunt and Damon had killer chemistry. Plus, Anthony Mackie is terrific.


  2. You brought up some valid points about some of the unexplained (like the men in hats). But I thought it was above average. While it asked us to buy the more fantastic elements, I thought the relationship between Damon and Blunt was real enough to hold the movie back to reality. For me, it was more about the romance first and the strange circumstances that surrounded them second.


  3. Paragraph Film Reviews said:

    I see where both you folks are coming from, but just couldn’t get round the mind-bending stupidity of their circumstances. Sure their romance was well played, but would have been better placed in a drama, not sci-fi!


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