Life of Brian

Monty Python’s Life of Brian: (Blu Ray) Monty Python sketch-fest that kind of follows an everyman called Brian, who is mistaken for the messiah and turned into a religious leader. While it was offensive / notorious / boundary-pushing – to the point of struggling to get funding – at its time of release (1979) it doesn’t hold up too well these days. Definitely feels a lot more like a bunch of loosely connected scenes rather than a proper ‘film’ as there’s no constant themes and the story jumps around / gets caught up in tangents. Most disappointingly, it’s not ‘rolling on the floor’ funny, although fans of Python’s erratic / crazy / shouty style will be entertained. There’s some nice nit-bits of historical facts and characters. The BD picture’s pretty grainy, looks a bit washed out but textures do show a lot of detail. The sound starts off well, but most of the scenes end up being a shouty din with a terrible mix – probably down to poor and aged source material. If Monty Python’s your thing then this is decent, but it’s nowhere near the best comedy of all time, or even the best of Python.

Score: 5/10

  1. Darren said:

    Controversial. This is actually only the first (and second, Ross) time I’ve heard somebody call Monty Python out like that. And while I’ll concede that Family Guy (rather hypocritically) nailed it with their “the other 70 hours of unfunny Monty Python stuff” gag (pot, kettle – kettle, pot), I do love this film. And if you think this is unstructured, don’t watch the Holy Grail.


    • Don’t get me wrong, I like the Python a lot (mostly other films) but just think that most of the scenes in this end up as a shouty, incoherent, din. Ask anyone to name the best gag and you’ll only ever hear 3-4, not the sign of a great comedy IMHO.


    • Marc said:

      Good call Dan, I was going to say the same thing about Grail’s un-tethered scenes. That’s really what MP is all about; sketch comedy. No driving narrative just great jokes in sections:P


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