Kill Bill Vol. 2

Kill Bill Vol 2: (Blu Ray) retribution continues at a slower pace as the back story is given more attention. This installment starts off as it means to continue, totally rip-off retro: effects, music, voiceovers, homage, etc. The story’s very strong until the last 45 minutes when it grinds to a halt, feeling drawn out with heavy conversation and that stupid truth serum. I’m not a huge fan of Tarantino’s ‘natural dialogue’. It’s not Kevin Smith bad but still quite annoying, and it really bogs down the end of Vol 2… On the upside there’s still some great cinema to be had; parts like the blacked out buried alive scene utilising big sounds to strike fear in to you are movie gold. The acting is top notch again, from Uma through to the let-himself-go Bud, sharp-as-ever Bill and the (still) foxy Elle Driver – it helps that all characters get good screen time to develop. The Blu Ray is absolutely stunning; close-up skin, face, hair and clothing detail will blow you away – even in the intentionally grainy Pai Mei scenes. The sound’s also fantastic, again making it worth the upgrade. It’s definitely the weaker stand-alone film, but when viewed back to back with Vol 1 it’s a great conclusion to one of the most epic revenge tales committed to celluloid!

Score: 7/10

  1. good review, pretty much nailed on. the dialogue does get annoying towards the end. Tarantino is frustrating cos a bit like Inglourious Basterds this had the potential to be absolutely amazing – perhaps he could have squeezed both movies into one 3hr feature, i dunno. he needs a bigger ‘edit’ button


  2. Jimbob said:

    I personally thought the dialogue at the end was great! The whole “Clark Kent is superman’s critique on the human race” bit was brilliant! It’s strange because I actually disliked Vol 1. alot. Haven’t heard too many people saying that they absolutely loved both films. It’s either one or the other it seems.


  3. Paragraph Film Reviews said:

    Yea, the big Bill speech at the end was great first time round but it’s a bit weak. And yea, it seems to be that people totally prefer one or other (although I can see the attraction of both movies)


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