The Spirit

The Spirit: Comic adaptation about a masked crime-fighter who fights crime with a mask on. Visually, it’s quite the treat although being brought to us by Frank Miller, one look at any shot from the movie indicates that this ‘borrows’ plenty visuals from Sin City – nothing new there. The Spirit is also lays it on heavily with Noir style, although it constantly regresses from cool to plain corny. The story is so one-dimensional and unimaginative that you’ll probably find yourself slipping into a coma in parts. Pretty much everyone was un-acting for the duration, besides Macht, who at least attempts to do something decent with his fairly lame character; that spends just as much time chasing tail as he does fighting crime. There’s plenty eye candy, from curvy Eva Mendes to the stunning Paz Vega, however they all feel a bit gratuitous, with no real point. Milo and Edgar from 24 also put in some face time. It all just seems very flat, with no real story or focus; random Japanese and Nazi sections anyone? There are some memorable and striking imagery & shots but overall it just feels like a low-rent Sin City.

Score: 3/10

  1. And yet, I shall defend the platonic coupling of Scarlett Johannson and Samuel L. Jackson until my dying day, good sirs.

    Lovely review.


  2. Was it really that bad? How dejecting.

    I heard a little of both, and for that still haven’t seen it, but your review actually scared me. ha!


    • It’s not a total travesty, but when you hold it up against something like Sin City it does come out feeling like a very, very, crap (copy/paste) Indian knock off. I guess if you like the Spirit it’s probably worth a looky.


  3. I NEVER turn movies off… I always sit thru them, good or bad, but I couldn’t even finish this one. It was obvious he was ripping off the style of Sin City but it was all Frank Miller probably knew how to do and looked like it might fit the style of the story so I’ll give him a pass on that. Ultimately, what turned me off was the main character… he was, as you said, completely corny… and it’s frustrating because the trailer never indicated that.


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