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Ex Machina Ava Caleb Nathan Kyoko Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander, Sonoya Mizuno, Alex Garland

Ex Machina: a young programmer wins a contest to spend a week with his boss to complete every nerds fantasy; participating in the ultimate Turing Test with a sexy humanoid robo-babe!! There’s no doubting that it’s an ambitious movie; it’s not particularly dumbed down, leaning on some quite technical programming / A.I. terminology and dialogue – there’s no explosions or robots hitting robots in here, and the focus isn’t solely on the droid-meets-boy angle. It’s a fun film to watch because the script and acting are continually misleading and distracting you – hinting that a person or story may go down one path, which isn’t always the case. The direction’s solid, especially for a first-timer – there’s a sustained creepy and unsettling tone, especially once the plot gets rolling, which is aided by an ominous electronic score, crafting a slowly unraveling spiral that even dabbles with horror and body horror elements towards the end. The coldness of the house/facility, and TrollHunter-esque organic, wild and remote scenery also play a large part. My only real issue with this is that the last 5 minutes include some seriously lingering shots of nudity, which felt unnecessary – especially given that the characters are covered for most of the duration. The slickness and simplicity of  Ex Machina is like a shiny facade, behind it are dozens of bigger questions about humans, creations, robots, A.I., ethics, religion… although it’s hard to tell if this is all deliberate, as it’s somewhere between Blade Runner / A.I. lite and a slicker, stripped back Frankenstein – with a hardware and firmware updates, of course.

Score: 7.5/10

Orgazmo: An unsuspecting Mormon accidentally finds himself in the porn industry and ends up battling corruption and cleaning the streets. As you’d expect from the makers of South Park there’s a lot of great / silly jokes and some awesome running gags like stunt cocks and Dave the Lighting guy. Despite the funnies on offer the story, script and overall production are all rough around the edges – but forgivable being so early in their career. For a satire movie based around the porn industry it avoids descending into smut and is well-handled – remaining moral without getting too preachy. The cast features a harem of porn stars that would rival the biggest Hollywood release, but don’t expect much skin on show. As much as I love this film – and it is good – it’s probably my least favourite Matt / Trey release (BASEketball & Cannibal being the best). It’s light-hearted entertainment but wears a bit thin towards the end.

Score: 6/10