Troll Hunter: a student film crew get more than they bargain for when they start following a suspected bear poacher in Norway. The clever part is that someone has taken the awesome ‘Man Bites Dog’ concept of students filming an interesting figure, and simply added trolls. There are two main reasons why this works for me; firstly, Hans the Trollhunter is a superb character, totally deadpan and very interesting / serious / believable / captivating (could have been a grotesque caricature). Secondly, there are so many pieces of additional info and detail in every scene – that didn’t really need to be there – but help build a fuller picture, so much so that you’d be forgiven for momentarily buying in to the concept. Being a B-movie (majority of footage is handheld and ‘everyday’) the special effects are surprisingly good, and effectively utilised. The only major downside is that the faux documentary style is a bit ten years ago, but would be hard to do this any other way. Finally, the stunning Norwegian scenery is worth the entrance fee alone. Bottom line here is that if you like smart, tight, original and entertaining B-movies – you won’t need to look much further than this at the moment.

Score: 7.5/10

  1. Advertisement posters for this are plastered all over the underground down here and every day I look at it with a sense of unsurity whether I want to ‘invest’ in the price of a London cinema ticket or not. Reading this though might take the plunge.

    Here’s a shout out for film suggestions for review on a humorous note, you might well of heard of them but just in case, and I’m not making these up:

    Rubber – A film about a killer TYRE, yes you heard me TYRE! (Haven’t seen this yet but plan to this weekend.)

    Trail of the screaming forehead – A film about a town that’s infested and attacked by alien foreheads (yet to see this)



    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      I’d say it was worth parting with cash if you could buy in to the conecpt (trolls are real etc). Will put those two on my lovefilm list, heard a lot about rubber (started as a short film a few years back)


  2. Roy said:

    Right, going to watch this next. Forgot all about this one until you reminded me again (thanks). “beards” tag? LOL. My nick-name in uni used to be “troll”, strange, and I wasn’t even that large and hairy then. };-> Roy


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Beards indeed, hairy trolls – but the hunter in particular has an immense bush!


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