Looper: when time-travel is invented the mafia use it to send people back in time to be killed by hitmen called ‘Loopers’. The first 30 minutes of Looper is a stunning, high-concept, fast-paced, interesting sci-fi/physics thriller; last 15 minutes is an action-packed, satisfying finale; the problem lies in the middle hour, which is a bog-standard – stretched-out – farmyard drama, where any notion of sci-fi takes a back seat. The future is sensibly crafted, rooted in today’s world but with more decay/poverty – the setting, technology and small details are great at fleshing out the era. Not unlike Brick, there’s a bit of a retro/Noir vibe running through the props, locations, names etc. JGL absolutely steals the show, not only with a solid performance, but by convincingly echoing the mannerisms of a young Bruce Willis – even if the make-up looked way more like Buster Keaton. For a while, I thought that Looper was going to out-do Primer, but it went off-track for far too long. There’s no arguing that there’s a great concept at the heart of the movie, however it feels like the balance between sci-fi and drama had been made less even in order to widen the film’s appeal. Would have been an unbeatable 80/90-minute hard sci-fi film, but at 2 hours it feels unnecessarily long.

Score: 5.5/10

  1. Nostra said:

    Surprised by the low score. Still have to see the movie myself, but I’m still looking forward to it since I’m a big fan of time travel movies.


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      The low score is mostly because the middle-hour has nothing much to do with Sci-Fi or Timetravel. :(


  2. Probably the lowest score I’ve seen on this man but fine write-up nonetheless. I’ve yet to get around to it.


  3. Nice review. I’m glad to see that someday else noticed this movie had serious problems. Every other blogger was too busy fellating the movie to notice.


    • Paragraph Film Reviews said:

      Love how you’re not afraid to stick the boot in either! No point in praising a film just because everyone else it…


  4. Agree w this review. The middle sagged harder than Rosanne Barr’s cuntlips.


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