The Matrix

The Matrix: Action. Adventure. Sci-Fi. Technology. Love story. Tragedy. Mythology. Drama. Explosions. Chases. Fighting. Guns. Lots of Guns. Style. Homage. Technological Advances. Solid acting. Vision. Betrayal. Great characters. Fantastic Soundtrack & OST. Tight script. Mouth-watering visuals. Slick editing. Stunning concept… Absolutely everything about The Matrix is pitch perfect, right down to Reeves’ vacant, and emotionally retarded acting – it just fits the film so well! (Will Smith/Nicholas Cage were first choices for Neo!) Hugo weaving is also brilliant as the borderline pantomime baddie. The fight scenes are outstanding, especially given that none of the actors are martial artists. Unlike 99% of films out there The Matrix is absolutely all killer – every single scene has a purpose. It’s been a career-defining film for everybody involved, and rightly so: cast, directors, tech teams etc. Even over ten years on everything about this is still so, so, so cool. It’s a modern Alice in Wonderland, but where Alice cartwheels while firing a machine gun and bends some spoons with her mind! The film also raised the bar for action / sci-fi and special effects, and the wider cultural impact is enormous. Despite an unhealthy number of viewings over the years (guessing at least 40) this film never gets boring and never loses the awe-factor. I’m struggling to find a single fault in it!

Score: 10/10

  1. Absolutely agree! Matrix is one of those great trilogies amongst greats like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. But hipper and not as retro. Can you imagine what the film would have been like with Will Smith or Nicholas Cage? Odd to think about.


  2. hey did you send me a message through my contact form? it ended up in my spam and i hastedly deleted it, if I’m mistaken disregard this msg, but if im correct, please let me know :)


  3. Novroz said:

    Love your review on the matrix…I should link this to my own review when I have a chance to do it.

    The Matrix remains as one of my all time favorite movies and my number one sci-fi movie. I thought Inception can take its throne as number one, but it fails, Matrix still remain as my number one.

    You are so damn right!! There is no fault in this movie. I can’t remember how many times I have watched it, I practically remember all the lines.


  4. Dan said:

    The Matrix seems to get better every time a see it.


  5. Marc said:

    If you happen to see this on Blu Ray I think you’d give it an 11/10. I would:)


  6. nasen75 said:

    The Matrix, if you ask me, was a sci fi classic that got stuck with two less-than-impressive sequels. The Matrix Reloaded had its moments, but I remember not enjoying The Matrix Revolutions at all. But now that I read this review, I kind of want to see the original again.


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