How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon [Blu Ray]: a teenage viking wants to follow in the dragon-slaying tradition of his tribe, but comes up with an unorthodox plan when he doesn’t have the heart to kill one. As the story plays out it’s clearly well-written, with lots of details and nice touches – the father/Son angle in particular is very well-played, and the swash-buckling finale delivers more than your standard Statham flick. The voice cast is amazing, star-studded and everyone’s distinct – despite every Viking speaking in a ‘krrrayy-zzeee’ Scottish accent – annoyingly the whiny voice of main character is one of the weaker performances. The BD picture detail is jaw-dropping: barnacles, hair, fur, water will drop your jaw, and the colours are extremely vivid and vibrant – sound wise, everything from explosions to ambience punches through – no questions, it’s a must-own Blu Ray. You’d like to think that a film as solid as this would have been a warning shot at Pixar, but being followed by Megamind and a bunch of sequels/spin-offs it feels like more of a fluke – which is disappointing, as it showed progress for DreamWorks Animation. Pitching to both children and adults How to Train Your Dragon makes for a great kids film, but will also entertain the big kids!

Score: 7/10

  1. Jaina said:

    I absolutely adore How To Train Your Dragon. I went into it with in trepidation. I’m a Pixar junkie, for me Pixar’s where it’s at when it comes to these kinds of films.

    I was blown away. It looks stunning, like you said, and the story is just perfect. Heart warming, but not too sugar coated. Silly, but not slapstick. Big love for this film.


  2. I’m glad to hear that it will entertain big kids as I haven’t seen it yet and really want to!

    After reading Jaina’s comment I’m even more excited to see it.


  3. The kids I work with talked about this movie for several weeks after they saw it. It’s nice to see them being inspired and channeling their creativity through writing stories, pretend play, etc.


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